The JUMA online map | Credit: ANSA
The JUMA online map | Credit: ANSA

The project JUMA offers an interactive online map showing services for refugees and asylum seekers. The goal: "To put all those in the asylum system in communication."

The JUMA-Refugees Map Services project has developed a map that gives an overview of services for asylum seekers and those who have been granted international and humanitarian protection in Italy.

The map can be used to find the closest service for those in need, such as places to sleep, legal assistance, healthcare, psycho-social assistance or language schools. 

Tool to ''find each other easily''

The project aims to "become a tool for public and shared use through which to talk to and find each other easily'', according to the website of the initiative. 

The project is being implemented by the non-profit organization ARCI in collaboration with the UN refugee agency UNHCR. The goal: to put "all those in the asylum system in communication: first of all asylum seekers and those granted international and humanitarian protection. Immediately afterwards are those working in protection bodies, as well as local agencies and educational and healthcare services''. 

The project can also help, ARCI believes, to make the services and the work of public and private bodies that are on the map better known. 

Hotline for asylum seekers in Italy 

The JUMA project is part of a wider ARCI initiative that also includes a hotline for asylum seekers and refugees (+39 800 905 570). The service was set up in 2006 and, according to the organization, has been a reference point "for numerous asylum seekers and refugees, especially those who, due to an insufficient institutional response, have never benefited from reception, orientation or protection services." The hotline is operative from Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and has a multilingual answering machine active 24 hours a day. 

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