A sit-in in Piazza Montecitorio for the Ius Soli law under the slogan 'No One is a Foreigner' | Credit: ANSA
A sit-in in Piazza Montecitorio for the Ius Soli law under the slogan 'No One is a Foreigner' | Credit: ANSA

With the Italian elections only days away, a civil rights organization has published a guide to clarify political parties' stance on the issue of citizenship law reform.

The Italian Coalition for Freedoms and Civil Rights (Coalizione Italiana Libertà e Diritti Civili, or CILD) has published a guide analyzing the political programs of the main parties that will be competing in the March 04 elections in Italy on the issue of citizenship law reform. 

The reform would transform the current regulations, which pass citizenship on "through blood" to a 'Ius Soli' law that recognizes "the right to citizenship for the simple fact of having been born in Italian territory." This is also known as "Ius Culturae, through which even those who arrive in Italy before age 12 could get citizenship when they turn 18, if they have attended Italian schools or undertaken professional training in Italy."

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According to CILD,  "Ius Soli does not appear in the plan of the coalition that includes the Forza Italia, the Northern League, Fratelli d'Italia and Noi con l'Italia parties. The fifth point of the electoral program entitled 'more security for everyone' deals with some aspects of immigration, associating this phenomenon with the 'fight against terrorism' and the need to 'retake control of the borders'," it said. 


For the Democratic Party (PD), "the section 'More Culture. Focus on Schools and Universities' includes the Ius Soli issue, where the party reiterates their support for the struggle to get the citizenship reform law approved," CILD said. The +Europa party (lead by former Foreign minister Emma Bonino) expresses "a firm stance on the Ius Culturae issue, as well as on the reform of the citizenship law, which the party will support." For the Five Star Movement (M5S, transversal), Ius Soli "is entirely absent from the Movement's political program and does not even appear in the section on the immigration issue. On several occasions, party leader Luigi Di Maio has issued statements on the issue, saying that Ius Soli is not a priority for the Movement,"CILD said. 


Liberi e Uguali ('Free and Equal), the guide states, in the section entitled 'equal rights,' that there is the issue of the reform on the citizenship law as 'a necessary recognition that is owed to those who are already Italian." In a broader sense, the party said that reception and integration are "part of the concept of civil and social rights." Potere al Popolo (Power to the People) says "there is full support to the Ius Soli proposal and firm condemnation towards those who connect the issue of migration with social problems, as well as xenophobic and racist tendencies. The party would like to see Ius Soli approved in order to be able to ensure citizenship for those who were born or raised in Italy," CILD noted. 

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Casapound described its political program on the issue of citizenship under the section 'Immigration and Italians First': "Casapound is against Ius Soli in order to avoid 'any automatic mechanism in acquiring citizenship.' The party also suggests revoking citizenship after serious crimes for both the guilty individuals and 'their descendants to the second generation,'" according to the guide. 

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