Snow at the Castel dell'Ovo, centrale Naples. Credit: ANSA/CIRO FUSCO
Snow at the Castel dell'Ovo, centrale Naples. Credit: ANSA/CIRO FUSCO

A migrant reception centre in Naples has opened its doors to families and the homeless during the cold snap. Meanwhile, Baobab Experience in Rome has asked for help for migrants in transit affected by the snow and ice.

The special migrant reception centre Villa Angela-Il Rosone in Trecase and Terzigno in the province of Naples has opened its doors to families, homeless people and all others in need as a result of the extremely cold weather in Italy. 

Shelter for all 

The facility has two premises: Villa Angela, which accommodates 224 asylum seekers, and Rosone, which accommodates 104. Most of the migrants are from Africa (Nigeria and Gambia), but also from Bangladesh. "We took the decision in the most natural way possible," said the director Massimo Esposito. "It seemed right that we should help the community of which we are a part." 

People in need can seek assistance directly from the staff at the centre in Trecase and Terzigno, who are also prepared to offer psychological support. "If we welcome the migrants arriving in our country in search of a better future, even more must we mobilize to help the men and women in our area, because in the face of suffering there are no barriers, walls or ideological fences that can prevent us from being fully human," Esposito said. 

In Rome Baobab Experience sounds alarm 

In Rome too the volunteers of Baobab Experience at the camp for migrants in transit near Tiburtina Station have sounded the alarm. "The next few days are going to be very difficult," they write on social networks. The tents used by the migrants are covered in snow and only very few people have managed to find proper nighttime shelter. 

"We urgently need to buy equipment to keep people warm and replace the items that can no longer be used as a result of the bad weather," say the volunteers, who have put out a call for pellets, plastic pellets, firewood and hot food and drinks.

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