A soldier from the Free Syrian Army watches from the smoke rising from the village of Der Mismis in Afrion, Syria Credit: Epa
A soldier from the Free Syrian Army watches from the smoke rising from the village of Der Mismis in Afrion, Syria Credit: Epa

The International Rescue Committee, based on reports from aid worker and those working on the ground, has drawn up a list of seven things to know about 'the horror' in Syria. The seven years of war here had led to a catastrophic death toll and one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time, according to the organization.

1. Almost 10,000 Syrians are fleeing violence everyday.The IRC noted that 6.1 million Syrians are internally displaced.Even in besieged areas like Eastern Ghouta, as many as 15,000 people have been displaced in recent waves of brutal violence, with lethal tactics previously used by the regime in the war: besieging, hunger and bombardment.

 2. The healthcare system in Syria has collapsed. The ICR organization noted that three quarters of Syrian doctors and healthcare workers have fled the country and that half of the country's medical facilities have been destroyed or rendered inoperable. Those that are still running are forced to work without sufficient electricity, equipment and medicine. 

3. Syrian children do not go to school. The IRC noted that about 1.75 million Syrian children and young people do not attend school and many are at risk of dropping out to take care of their families or due to dangers. Over a third of the schools in Syria have been damaged or destroyed and hundreds of thousands of teachers and professors have fled the country.

 4. Over 3 million Syrian children under five years old do not have enough food. The IRC reports that farms and crops destroyed by the violence and aid convoys stopped at the entrance to cities have led to two million people in Syria being on the verge of suffering severe hunger. Many families have been forced to eat food past its expiration date, pet food and rubbish.

 5. The death toll in Syria continues to grow. The IRC reports that almost 500,000 Syrians have been killed in the war since 2011 and that last month's bombings in opposition-held Eastern Ghouta killed over 500 people in less than a week. The high death toll in such a short period is one of the worst in the war since April 2017, when a regime chemical attack on opposition-held southern Idlib killed about 100 people and sparked international indignation.

 6. Syrians cannot go home. Half of the Syrian population has been forced to leave the country and cannot be home, since entire areas are scattered with unexploded ordnance, cluster munitions, grenades, mortars, rocket shells and ''explosive traps'' made to detonate on contact. 

7. There is something you can do to help Syrians overcome this crisis. The IRC has called on the world to help the victims of war in Syria by tweeting to world leaders to demand an end to the violence, by volunteering to help Syrian refugees and by donating to humanitarian organizations. 

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