Benoit Ducos, Anne Mutte and Pierre Mumber | Credit: Mediterraneo Downtown
Benoit Ducos, Anne Mutte and Pierre Mumber | Credit: Mediterraneo Downtown

Alpine guide, Benoit Ducos, and voluteers, Anne Moutte and Pierre Mumber, have been given this years' Mediterranean Peace Award. It is a recognition of their efforts in helping migrants in the Alps.

The Mediterranean Award for Peace 2018 has been given to French alpine guide Benoit Ducos together with volunteers Anne Moutte and Pierre Mumber from the Tous Migrants association at the Mediterrano Downtown Festival held in Prato, Tuscany. 

Accepting the prize at the Metastasio Theatre, Benoit said migrants "are survivors who venture out in our mountains, after having crossed the desert and the seas, in which many of them have lost their lives and others were saved by sailors" but that mountain residents "know that you never abandon someone in trouble." 

Ducos is the alpine guide under investigation by French authorities after rescuing a migrant family, including a pregnant mother, on the French-Italian border on March 17. He drove the pregnant woman to the nearest hospital using his own car, and was subsequently put under investigation for facilitating undocumented migration. 

"Our inertia, our resignation, our disinterest, our involuntary complicity, is setting up a sort of security barrier between us and the rest of the Mediterranean peoples," said Raffaele Palumbo, artistic director of the Mediterraneo Downtown Festival. "Our festival is a small contribution to generate a shared, new story of the liquid continent, as Braudel calls it. Looking at others to see ourselves in the mirror," Palumbo said.

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