Migrants face police and soldiers at the Slovenian border with Croatia. Photo/Archive/EPA/IGOR KUPLJENIK
Migrants face police and soldiers at the Slovenian border with Croatia. Photo/Archive/EPA/IGOR KUPLJENIK

Slovenian authorities have stopped 82 migrants who entered the country irregularly, while yet another drowning took place in the river along the country's border with Croatia. Meanwhile, authorities in Bosnia have highlighted some priorities for fighting the flow of irregular migrants into the country.

Slovenian police last week blocked 82 migrants who entered the country illegally, while on Tuesday, a new case of drowning was recorded in the Kupa River along the border with Croatia, marking the fifth this year. Local media sources said police arrested two migrants after they crossed the river to enter Slovenia, while a third didn't make it and drowned. The nationalities of the migrants were not specified. 

The migrants who were stopped over the weekend were from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, India, Libya, and Egypt. All of the migrants applied for international protection and are being housed in a migrant reception centre. Another three migrants were found on a Bulgarian truck at the Bregana crossing between Croatia and Slovenia. 

Bosnia plans new measures to fight migrant flows 

The "Action Group for the Fight Against Illegal Migration and the Trafficking of Persons", convened by Attorney General Gordana Tadic, established three priorities for police forces: protection of the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an improvement in related legislation, and regulations with neighboring countries on the question of readmission of refugees. Another goal of the action group meeting was to establish means of intervention to prevent future crises such as the one that took place last Friday, when police in the Mostar Canton stopped a convoy of buses with migrants from Sarajevo aboard, who were headed to a reception centre in Mostar. 

Meanwhile, Bosnia and Herzegovina Security Minister Dragan Mektic said strengthening police presence along the borders with Serbia and Montenegro has produced visible results and significantly reduced the number of illegal migrants who have entered Bosnia.

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