The organization has helped thousands of migrants and refugees over several decades.
The organization has helped thousands of migrants and refugees over several decades.

The Malteser organization is one of the largest humanitarian relief agencies in Germany. It has helped migrants and refugees in Germany for nearly 20 years, and has no plans to stop now.

The Malteser International organization is a multi-national, non-government humanitarian relief organization that has helped those in need not just where it is currently headquartered (Germany), but around the world.

The original organization started assisting people in need in 1956 by providing refugee aid at the Austro-Hungarian border following the revolutions in Hungary. By 2016, it had operations in 24 countries, including several nations in Africa and the Middle East.

Refugees in Germany

The organization has stepped up to assist refugees in the wake of the recent crisis. According to their website, the organization has worked with refugees for nearly 20 years and has more than 100 refugee aid centers across Germany. These centers assist about 25,000 people. They provided 160 facilities during the height of the crisis and took care of 54,000 asylum seekers per day.

But the organization does more than just make sure that refugees are comfortable in their new surroundings. They offer integration courses and training to assist people to enter the workforce.  For example, they offer training in working with computers, as explained by the Munich-based newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Assistance outside Germany

They also assist with local refugee organizations outside of Germany, especially in Turkey, Lebannon, Iraq and Syria. They provide the basic necessities for those displaced by conflict.

The organization is affiliated with the Order of Malta, a Catholic organization which assists the less fortunate regardless of religious affiliation.


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