aegean sea

From file: The Turkish coast guard regularly publishes statements about its activities in the Aegean, often claiming they have had to rescue boats pushed back by the Greek authorities | Photo: picture-alliance/Turkish coast guard/Anadolu Agency
From file: Turkish coast guard vessel in the Aegean Sea | Photo: Erdem Sahin/EPA
Two migrants died Wednesday in a shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island of Kos | Photo: Coast Guard-Hellenic Coast Guard
Archive: A handout photo made available by the Hellenic Coast Guard shows a ship carrying migrants off the coast of Crete, Greece | Photo: EPA/HANDOUT/HELLENIC COAST GUARD
Greek coast guard vessel with rescued migrants on board on February 23, 2023 | Photo:
People at the Reception and Identification Centre (RIC) in Mytilene on the island of Lesbos, Greece, 05 December 2021 | Phohto: ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MEO
At least three people died in the latest migrant shipwreck on island of Lesbos, Greece, February 7, 2023 | Photo: Reuters/Elias Marcou
From file: After a shipwreck in the Mediterranean | Photo: Reuters / Giorgios Moutafis
The island of Chios is located near the Turkish coast. Photo : InfoMigrants
A mother and her child walk in the Mavrovouni camp, in Lesbos, on January 12, 2022 | Photo: InfoMigrants
A defendent arrives at the courthouse of Mytilene, Lesbos on Monday, January 9.. Photo: InfoMigrants
From file: Migrants board a boat with the help of workers from Emergency Response Centre International which operated between 2016 and 2018 | Photo: ERCI