Support for Germany's right-wing party in Parliament has grown since it was founded in 2013 | Photo: Reuters/Michaela Rehle
Afd poster in Cologne | Photo: Picture-alliance/Geisler-Fotopress
Germany, like other western countries, has watched with alarm as anti-Semitic and other racist hate speech and violence have increased in recent years  | Credit: picture alliance/dpa/Winfried Rothermel
There were violent incidents against foreigners, and those perceived to be foreigners, in Berlin this past weekend | Photo: Imago
From file: Archive photo from 2015 as asylum seekers wals across the German border with Austria | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/A.Weigel
Migrants are cleared out of a makeshift camp in Paris, France earlier this month.
Police in Wiesbaden section off the area where the girl was found.
Fake news and right-wing extremists work hand-in-hand
AfD lawmakers say Syria is a safe country | picture-alliance/dpa/S.Stache
The AfD is known to be againt migrants and refugees coming to Germany.
Demonstration in Kandel. The sign showing Mia's face reads: "unforgotten"
There have been thousands of attacks on migrants and refugees in recent years in Germany, but that number is going down.