afghan refugees

From file: 'We consider the federal admission program (for Afghan refugees) to be extremely questionable in terms of organization and content,' rights groups said in a letter to the German government | Photo: Marc Tessensohn/Bundeswehr/picture-alliance
An Afghan woman carries her child at the Toza Lokay refugee camp on the Tajik-Afgan border, some 250 km south from Dushanbe | Photo: Dmitry Khrupov/ARCHIVE/EPA/ANSA
Barbed wire marking the border between Bulgaria and Turkey in February 2020, when thousands of migrants gathered at Turkey's Pazarkule border crossing with Greece's Kastanies | Photo: AP Photo/Hristo Rusev
Evacuees at Camp Liya in Kosovo protested in June after being stuck for months on the US Army base while awaiting resettlement decisions | Photo: Muhammad Arif Sarwari/AP Photo/picture alliance
From file: A year after the fall of Kabul, people are still trying to leave Afghanistan, but even in 2015, as the civil war between the government and the Taliban was raging, more than a million left, including Omar and Matthieu Aikins | Photo: Bernat Armangue/AP Photo/picture-alliance
Hawa Attayee (27), a student and journalist from Afghanistan flies a kite at the "Fly with me" event in Berlin on August 20, 2022 | Photo: Tina Xu
Afghans evacuated from Kabul arrive on the military base of Sigonella in southern Italy on August 23, 2021 | Photo: ANSA/US/CC
Nilofar was evacuated from Afghanistan to Turkey, but since then, she has struggled to find a place where she can start again | Photo: Private
Afghanistan is the only country in the world where girls are only allowed to attend primary school | Photo: Oliver Weiken/dpa/picture-alliance
Acclaimed filmmaker Jawed Taiman is both a European and an Afghan citizen | Copyright: Jawed Taiman
Layana asleep in her father's lap – the family has endured months of feeling isolated and alone in Greece | Photo: Ignacio Pereyra
Spain's defense ministry chartered a plane to bring 294 people from Afghanistan to the Torrejón Air Base, Spain via Islamabad | Photo: Twitter account of the Spanish Ministry of Defense @desdelamoncloa