After he returned home from Spain in 2014, Issa started an agricultural business that now has about 15 employees | Photo: Leslie Carretero
Migrants working in an agricultural camp in Terracina where police recently arrested two people | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/ UFFICIO STAMPA POLIZIA DI STATO
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini with one of the organic pineapples produced in Togo, during the Confcooperative seminar on the future of Africa. | PHOTO: ANSA/Riccardo Antimiani
German development cooperation minister Gerd Mueller during a visit to Uganda | Photo: Imago/Photothek
The Governor of the central Marche region in Italy, Luca Ceriscioli, and the Councillor for development and industry, Manuela Bora, participate in the inauguration of the Museum of Farming and local traditions at Jeffery Eromosele Osoiwanlan's "Country Farm" in Montecarotto, Ancona. Osoiwanlan, 33, a Nigerian obtained political refugee status after arriving in Italy on a migrant boat in 2015. He was fleeing Boko Haram terrorists | Photo: ANSA
A migrant carrying sheaves of wheat in Italy | Credit: EPA/Khaled Elfiqi
A migrant worker harvests tomatoes in Campania, Italy. Credit: CIRO FUSCO/ANSA
Tunisians working in a field (Credit: ANSA/ EPA)
Kitchen gardens offers an alternative to coffee production in Kenya