anti refugee protests

Among the protestors were also some right-wing extremists, according to the police | Photo: picture-alliance
Right-wing protesters rally against France's immigration policy in Paris on October 2022, following the death of a 12-year-old girl last week  | Photo: Julien Mattia/Le Pictorium Agency / ZUMA Press
A sign for the former RAF base in Linton-on-Ouse Village Hall, North Yorkshire, local residents are meeting to discuss a Home Office proposed asylum seeker center at a nearby former RAF air base | Photo credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire
People take part in an anti-immigration protest in Dover, England on May 29, 2021 | Photo: Andrew Matthews/AP/picture-alliance
Camp Canarias 50, installed by the Spanish government to house migrants who were in hotels in the south of the island, are seen in Gran Canaria, Spain January 26, 2021 | Photo: REUTERS/Borja Suarez
Velika Kladusa, near the Maljevac border crossing in Bosnia Herzegovina, 25 October 2018 | Photo: EPA/F. Demir
Migrants from the Moria camp wait to board buses to the port,  from where they will be transferred to the mainland, May 3, 2020 | Photo: REUTERS/Elias Marcou
Pazarkule camp | Photo: Picture-alliance/NurPhoto/B.Khaled
A migrant yells as he clashes with police in a camp near Diavata, Greece  | Photo: AFP/S. Mitrolidis
Refugees and migrants disembarking in the port of Thessaloniki after being transferred from Lesbos island | Photo: EPA/NIKOS ARVANITIDIS
Picture shows refugee children in the port of Thessaloniki after being transfered from the refugee camp of Moria, Lesvos island on the beginning of September | Photo: EPA/NIKOS ARVANITIDIS
A boat patrols the English Channel waters | Photo: Picture-alliance/G.Fuller