anti refugee protests

Velika Kladusa, near the Maljevac border crossing in Bosnia Herzegovina, 25 October 2018 | Photo: EPA/F. Demir
Migrants from the Moria camp wait to board buses to the port,  from where they will be transferred to the mainland, May 3, 2020 | Photo: REUTERS/Elias Marcou
Pazarkule camp | Photo: Picture-alliance/NurPhoto/B.Khaled
A migrant yells as he clashes with police in a camp near Diavata, Greece  | Photo: AFP/S. Mitrolidis
Refugees and migrants disembarking in the port of Thessaloniki after being transferred from Lesbos island | Photo: EPA/NIKOS ARVANITIDIS
Picture shows refugee children in the port of Thessaloniki after being transfered from the refugee camp of Moria, Lesvos island on the beginning of September | Photo: EPA/NIKOS ARVANITIDIS
A boat patrols the English Channel waters | Photo: Picture-alliance/G.Fuller
Protestors listen to a speech during the right-wing Frauenbündnis Kandel demonstration in Kandel,  Germany
Members of the far right demonstrate in Chemnitz, Saxony, on August 27, 2018
Anas M., who became the victim of an anti-refugee smear campaign on Facebook after taking a selfie with Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaks to reporters outside a courthouse in Bavaria
Protest on Lesbos island
Refugees and migrants protest against living and medical treatment conditions at Sappho Square in Mytilini, Lesbos Island, Greece. Police formed a barrier to protect the migrants from being attacked by right-wing supporters. Credit: EPA/STR