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Juan Tomás Avila Laurel | Photo: Josep Gutiérrez (via DW)
The 'Walk With Me' music video aims to build bridges with displaced people and host communities around the world | Photo: Together productions / IOM
Raisan Hameed takes a photo | Photo: DW/N.Alsarras
A freeze frame from the official trailer from the documentary film "No Borders: Flow of Conscience" | Photo: ANSA
Alice Mutesi, 21, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, tests a textile for colour accuracy after dying it at RefuSHE in Nairobi, Kenya | Photo: UNHCR / W Swanson
Filmmaker Ras Mutabaruka | Photo: DW/R.Mutabaruka
Photographer Alessandro Tricarico at work | Source: Alessandro Tricarico’s website –
One of the drawings by the winners of the "Youth with Refugees Art Contest" promoted by UNHCR | Photo: ANSA/UNHCR
Refugees and migrants can take part in a music video with support from IOM UK | Source: Imagine Imagine project courtesy of IOM UK
Basma says she came to Austria so she and her family could live in peace and have new opportunities
The singer Mahmood, who is collaborating with the series Rajel, in a promotional video posted on YouTube | Photo: EPA/Archive
A young migrant admires a fresco at the National archeological museum in Naples during a day dedicated to migrants and refugees | PHOTO: ANSA/CESARE ABBATE