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Richie Nath is painting Maya and the Burning Village, a piece about the Burmese who have to flee repression, war and genocide
A traveling exhibit about migration and rescues at sea will travel on board the Ocean Viking along its route toward international waters, after having docked at the port of Ravenna on 31 December. This is the most recent initiative of Gianluca Costantini, an artist and cartoonist from Ravenna, known for his portraits of activists across the world, 2 January 2023 | Source: NPK Facebook / Gianluca Costantini
Young students of the Anim in concert in Braga. Portugal |  Photo: Claire Debuyser
Credit: InfoMigrants
 Italian far-right extremist Luca Traini is escorted in a vehicle by police officers as he leaves for his trial at the Macerata Tribunal, 2018 | Photo: ANSA / Fabio Falcioni
From file: Migrants disembark in Brindisi, Italy | Photo: Max Frigone / ANSA
Part of a performance by the 'Amih' musical ensemble on Italy's island of Procida by 14 migrant musicians from three continents | Photo: ANSA/Antonello De Rosa
Nigerian singer Maestros in a frame of his video | Photo: ANSA/ANIELLO SAMMARCO
Fatima, the singer Maria Pia De Vito, and Sara singing together 'Era de Maggio' in Neapolitan, Singhalese, and Wolof in a scene from the musical documentary film 'Un Milione di Italiani (Non Sono Italiani)' | Photo: Stefano Cardone
Pencil drawing by Daniel who is currently detained in the Kybartai camp in Lithuania | Photo: Gabriela Ramírez
Daniel* (name changed) from Iraq with his pencil drawings; he is currently detained in the Kybartai camp in Lithuania | Photo: Gabriela Ramírez
Hawa Attayee (27), a student and journalist from Afghanistan flies a kite at the "Fly with me" event in Berlin on August 20, 2022 | Photo: Tina Xu