asylum application

Asylum seekers line up at a government office in Germany | Photo: Imago/IPON
The EU has previously taken the Hungarian government to court over its asylum standards | Photo: REUTERS/Yves Herman
Ismail in the center, holding his bags is accompanied by more than 15 officials and police as he exits the flight from the UK to France | Source: Screenshot Channel 4 News
Flights from Greece to Germany are quite affordable, especially during the summer travel months | Photo: picture-alliance/NurPhoto/N. Economou
An image taken with a drone shows the refugee camp of Moria, on Lesvos island, Greece | Photo: EPA/DIMITRIS TOSIDIS
A young man in Calais, northern France | Photo: Reuters archive
Migrants in Paris, January 2019 | Credit: REUTERS
Migrants in Greece were unable to seek asylum from March until mid-May under a controversial decree | Photo: EPA/Greek Ministry of Migration
It is not possible to apply for asylum in two different EU countries | Credit: Picture-alliance/dpa
Hundreds of farm hands and other agricultural workers are missing in Germany and elsewhere in Europe this year due to COVID-19 travel restrictions | Photo: DW/J. Ospina Valencia
Sophie gave birth to her son in a hospital in Göteborg, Sweden, in 2016 | Photo: Pixabay
Many homeless migrants are suddenly finding themselves helpless on Germany's streets | Photo: picture-alliance