asylum application

When asylum applications are refused some asylum-seekers are deported | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa/ B. Rössler
The cover of the new guide from the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) | Photo: EASO
A Yazidi child sits on the floor at a refugee camp on the Hungarian border | Photo: DW/D.Cupolo
Critics say that especially women face persecution in Maghreb states | PHOTO: picture-alliance/dpa/M Messara
Syrian passport | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/M.Kappeler
The Afghan Embassy in Berlin has not yet commented on the case | Credit: Afghan Embassy in Berlin
Italian coast guard ship Diciotti with migrants onboard
The BAMF, Germany
Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/S.Puchner
People who want to claim asylum in the Paris region will now need to go through a call centre to book an initial appointment. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Not everyone identifies with the religion they are born into, and some reject religion altogether
The Interior Ministry wants to boost the number of deportations