asylum applications

Asylum seekers from Bangladesh in line in front of an association founded by a Frenchman of Bangladeshi origin, in the north of Paris | Photo: Ofiora association
Nadim Hussain on day nine of his hunger strike, Cork University Hospital, Ireland, October 22 2021 | Photo: Nadim Hussain.
Most of the asylum seekers who applied for protection for the first time came from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq | Photo: Armin Weigel/dpa/picture-alliance
Paul has not been granted asylum but his two 6-year-old daughters got it | Photo: Private
Polish border patrol officers guard a group of migrants who attempted to cross the border between Belarus and Poland near the village of Usnarz Gorny | Photo: Reuters
Around 8,000 Afghan refugees are living in tents in the US air base Ramstein, September 8, 2021
Moldovans have next to no chance in succeeding with the asylum applications | Photo: Picture-alliance
As gunmen patrol the streets of Kabul, everyone who's ever lived abroad tries to stay in hiding | Photo: Rahmat Gul/picture alliance
Migrants wait behind a wire fence at Rudninkai camp in Lithuania. Some Iraqis are now being flown back to Baghdad, not all want to leave though | Photo: Abbas Al-Khashali / InfoMigrants
Interpreters and their immediate family members are among those eligible to apply for resettlement
In 2018, a political agreement in Germany to cap reunions for refugee families at 1,000 per month helped to secure Merkel's fourth term as chancellor | Photo: S. Kahnert/picture alliance
Asylum seekers frequently attempt to reach the EU via rubber dinghies on the Mediterranean Sea | Photo: Imago Images