asylum law

Laws under attack in the UK from several sides as migrants continue to cross the Channel to England | Photo: Peter Nicholls /  REUTERS
The camp on Lesbos island, Kara Tepe, is to be replaced by a 'closed and controlled' facility | Photo: EPA/Vangelis Papantonis
A Polish soldier sets up a barbed wire fence on the border between Poland and Belarus on September 1, 2021 | Photo: Maciej Luczniewski/NurPhoto/picture-alliance
Danish immigration minister Inger Stojberg believes she will be fully acquitted | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/T. Eisenkrätzer
Migrants rescued from the English Channel, following their departure from northern France, walk up a beach, in Dungeness, Britain, August 4, 2021 | Photo: Peter Nicholls /  REUTERS
A Channel crossing on June 7, 2021 | Source: Screenshot Twitter Préfecture maritime Manche et mer du Nord
The concept of the serious and individual threat to life should be interpreted broadly by European authorities deciding whether to grant subsidiary protection | Photo: picture alliance/dpa/B. Roessler
The Greek island of Lesbos is where many migrants arrive from Turkey by crossing the Aegean Sea | Photo: A. Messinis/AFP
The White Cliffs of Dover can be seen from the French mainland on a clear day | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/PA/S. Parsons
Many other gay people across Africa have to hide their sexuality | Photo: Reuters/J.Rinaldi
The UK government is investing heavily in fortifying border police | Photo: picture-alliance/empics/G. Fuller
Sanctuary for asylum seekers in the St. Pauli church in Hamburg, Germany, 2013 Photo: picture alliance/A. Heimken