asylum proceedings

Norway will reassess its decision in mid-September | Photo: Imago/YAY Micro
Many other gay people across Africa have to hide their sexuality | Photo: Reuters/J.Rinaldi
Germany's defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer visits German troops in Afghanistan | Photo: Sabine Oelbeck / Bundeswehr / dpa / picture-alliance
There are several anchor centers in Germany, like this one in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/M. Balk
Courts across Germany have issued decisions in thousands of cases | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/F.Gentsch
The EU has previously taken the Hungarian government to court over its asylum standards | Photo: REUTERS/Yves Herman
EU member states remain at odds over a unified migration policy, but there is some progress | Photo: picture-alliance
The trial is being conducted at the Amtsgericht Aschaffenburg court | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa
A deportation flight from Leipzig in July, 2019 | Photo: M. Kappeler/picture-alliance
It is not possible to apply for asylum in two different EU countries | Credit: Picture-alliance/dpa
The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in Germany, the BAMF | Photo; Picture-alliance/dpa/D.Kammann
The island of Lesbos is overwhelmed with ongoing migrant arrivals | Photo: Jannis Papadimitriou
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