A carer and a patient in an elderly care center | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/O.Berg
The Refugee Reception Center (CAR) is located in Bobadela, a suburb of Lisbon. This is where asylum seekers arriving in Portugal are directed. Credit: Maëva Chicken / InfoMigrants.
Critics say that especially women face persecution in Maghreb states | PHOTO: picture-alliance/dpa/M Messara
Migrants in Maximilien in Brussels in 2016 | Photo: Médecins du Monde / Kristof Vadino
A Sudanese migrant from the western region of Darfur, Mahmoud Mohamed Omar, shows his residence permit while standing by his tent in the migrant camp located in Paris | Photo: EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT
Markus Söder, state premier of Bavaria
The German Constitution | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/J.Stratenschulte
The Afghan Embassy in Berlin has not yet commented on the case | Credit: Afghan Embassy in Berlin
Yusra Mardini, one of the star athletes of the IOC Refugee team at Rio 2016 | Credit: Reuters/Michael Dalder
Denmark has not participated in the UNHCR resettlement program since 2016
People from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria rest in a park in Sarajevo, Bosnia, 10 May 2018.  EPA/FEHIM DEMIR