balkan route

Migrants attempting to cross into Croatia hold banners as they gather near the Maljevac border crossing, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Photo: EPA/Fehim Demir
Police checks on the road that leads to the border crossing with France in Ventimiglia | Photo:  ANSA/LUCA ZENNARO
IOM teams distributing winter aid in Bosnia and Herzegovina | Photo: IOM
Migrants inside buildings near the train station in Trieste, August 25, 2020 | Photo: Mauro Donato / ANSA
This migrant tried to cross the border between Hungary and Serbia in January 2020 and shows cuts on his hands. Now stories of violence at other borders are increasing too in the country | Photo: Darko Vojinovic / AP Photo
A new illegal migrant camp has sprung up near Velika Kladusa after several hundred migrants have been pushed out of town centers | Photo: Armin Durgut/PIXSELL
Bosnian police officers escorting migrants to a migration center in Sarajevo | Photo: EPA/Fehim Demir
Trieste border police | Photo: ANSA
Migrants near the central train station in Trieste, Italy, on August 25, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/Mauro Donato
A migrant man lies on a bunk bed in the Temporary Reception Center Bira migrant shelter in Bihac, northwestern Bosnia | Photo: EPA/Zoltan Balogh
Migrants arriving in Passau, Germany, in November 2015 | Photo: Picture-alliance
A freeze frame from the official trailer from the documentary film "No Borders: Flow of Conscience" | Photo: ANSA