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Turkey plans to build up to 100,000 houses for Syrians in and near Idlib | Photo: Francisco Seco/AP Photo/picture-alliance
Life goes on for some at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, but many foreign workers have been laid off | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/E.Elaldi
Eyad A.'s case may set a legal precedent that could inspire other countries and jurisdictions to also start convicting Syrian war criminals | Photo: Matthias von Hein/DW
Mohammed R. holding a mobile phone | Photo: DW/B.Stehkämper
Syrian refugees flee Idlib, packed into the back of a cart | Photo: Reuters/K.Ashawi
People carry belonging as they flee fighting between government forces and rebels in Saraqib city of Idlib, Syria, 28 January 2020 | Photo: EPA/YAHYA NEMAH
'My prison experience of course changed me'
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Syrien Zerstörung (Reuters/K. Ashawi)
Marine Le Pen with Lebanon's President Michel Aoun