Buses leave the Manston barracks, taking some of the thousands of migrants housed there to alternative accommodation | Photo: Gareth Fuller/ picture alliance / empics /
Suella Braverman has become the poster girl of the far-right wing of the Conservative Party - but will she be able to deliver on her promises and pledges? | Photo: Reuters
The numbers of Albanians arriving in the UK from across the Channel has increased over the last 12 months ending June 2022 | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA
Migrants continue to launched from the coast of northern France in inflatable boats, like this group photographed near Dover on August 4, 2021 | Photo: Peter Nicholls / Reuters
From file: The UK Home Office is worried about young migrants lying about their age | Photo: Jelena Djukic Pejic/DW
A judge will decide whether a UK government adviser's comments about Rwanda's human rights record should be announced publically or not | Photo: Jessica Taylor / UK Parliament via AP / picture alliance
Each week, more migrants arrive in the UK using irregular means | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA/picture-alliance
A member of the military carries a young child, part of a group of people thought to be migrants after being rescued following a boat incident in the Channel, in Dover, England, Monday, May 23, 2022 | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA via AP
Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are both hoping to win the keys to Number 10 in September | Photo: PA wire / empics / picture alliance
From file: A group of migrants arrive in Dover aboard a Border Force Ranger vessel on July 18, 2022 | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire URN:67980848
From file: A member of the military carries a young child after they crossed the Channel | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA via AP
From file: 51 migrants who had been living in France and Germany requested voluntary return to Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan | Photo: Kai Pffenbach / Reuters