child refugees

At last 10,000 migrant children in Europe disappeared in 2015. Many of them are still missing.
A child being taken off a boat in Brindisi, Italy | Photo: ARCHIVE/CARLO FERRARO/ANSA
Behind the scenes: some of the group take photos for the exhibition | Photo: UNHCR (This photo was taken as part of an exhibition organized by the UNHCR and AGIA)
Many refugee and migrant children have experienced violent rejections at the border

Syrian refugee children pose as their mothers check free clothes baskets on the street of the historical neighborhood of Balat, Istanbul, Turkey | Photo: EPA/ERDEM SAHIN
A protest in support of migrant rights in Italy, December 2018 | Photo: ANSA / Ciro Fusco
Former FC Barcelona defender Lilian Thuram playing with children in Beirut, Lebanon | Credit: EPA/ALEX CAPARROS - BARCA FOUNDATION
According to the UNHCR nearly a million Syrian refugees are registered in Lebanon. Many live in extreme poverty.
UNICEF and the WHO join forces to prevent disease outbreaks in Libya Credit: UNICEF/Libya
Child in the photo did not participate in the research | Credit: Save the Children/Zubair Shair Sherzay
Early literacy is considered important for integration © BMBF/Stiftung Lesen/Hans Joachim Rickel
Volunteers help migrants arriving on Lesbos. The main camp on the island, Moria, is full beyond its capacity