children migrants

From file:  Unaccompanied minors board a plane to travel from Athens to Germany, April 18, 2020 | Photo: REUTERS/Costas Baltas
A migrant child wearing a protective face mark looks on during his arrival at the port of Piraeus near Athens, Greece, 04 May 2020 | Photo: EPA/KOSTAS TSIRONIS
Migrant and refugee children do not learn as well at home as most | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/P. Pleul
Children from immigrant families receive gifts in Naples | Photo: ANSA/ASSOCIAZIONE IRPINIA ALTRUISTA
A boy at the Salesheim asylum reception center in Switzerland | Photo: picture-alliance/Keystone
Refugee children from Greek island camps arriving in Luxembourg | Photo: AFP/O.Panagiotou
Refugee camps, like this one in Nea Kavala, Greece, are overcrowded and ill-equipped | Photo: Imago/Christian Mang
Refugee children on the bus after their arrival in Hannover airport | Photo: Reuters/F.Bimmer
Kids in front of a tent in Lesbos | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/P.Balaskas
A young asylum seeker in Ter Apel, Netherlands | Photo: Petra Katanic/Copyright: De Vrolijkheid
Children talk outside their tent at the Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos, Greece, 8 January 2020 | Photo: EPA/ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU
Young children sit on the ground near Edirne in Turkey | Photo: Picture-alliance/PIXSELL/A. Durgut