children migrants

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the French coast in August 2019 | Photo: Reuters
Migrants on a rubber dinghy off the island of Kos | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/A.Zemlianichenko
While the majority of migrant children stuck on the Greek Islands are there with their family, there are also those who embarked on their journeys alone | Photo: picture-alliance/A. Tzortzinis
This editorial cartoon by Makkox recalls the tragedy of the boy on the bottom of the sea | Photo: ANSA
A young migrant in his bedroom | Photo: Archive ANSA/ Oxfam press office
Foreign children born in Turin with the Italian flag | Photo: ANSA/Alessandro Di Marco
Immigrant families whose children were born in Italy | Photo: ANSA/Alessandro Di Marco
A young woman tutors two children at a table | Photo: DW/D.Ehl
Unaccompanied minors in a hostel in Athens | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/T. Stavrakis
Afghan migrant children at Moria camp | Photo: Aasim Saleem
Immigration detention is never in the best interests of a child, say human rights advocates Photo: picture alliance/B. Pedersen
Migrants working in the kitchen of a restaurant | Photo: UNICEF