Refugee boys playing with Lego | Photo: UNICEF/UN0250052/Herwig
Many refugee and migrant children have experienced violent rejections at the border
A picture from a project helping to integrate children in Tuscany | Photo: Michaela Cavanagh
Syrian children are the main victims of the ongoing war | Credit: Reuters
Migrants at the Refugee Emergency Night Center (CANE) in Barcelona, Spain, August 29, 2018 Credit: EPA/Marta Perez
Syrian refugee Jassem, 28, performs a puppet show to young Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon.  © UNHCR/Dalal Mawad, producer/Houssam Hariri, camera-editor
Palestinian refugee students hold banners reading in Arabic 'Return is a sacred right' during a protest against US decision to cut aid for Gaza City | Credit: EPA/MOHAMMED SABER
Children staying in the Salakovac reception center play in the Mlava River, which runs near the camp. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Migrant child being accompanied by authorities
A young migrant at a transit center for migrants who are being sent home from Algeria in Agadez, Niger. Credit: ANSA/UNICEF
Daniel applied for his citizenship this year. (Photo: Brenna Daldorph)