Pope Francis after the Holy mass on the sixth anniversary of his visit to Lampedusa |  PHOTO/ANSA/VATICAN MEDIA
The thermal blankets issued to migrants decorate the gate of the Basilica di Santa Maria della Sanita in Naples | Photo: Project Eldorato
A demonstration of migrants Mira, near Venice. Credit: ANSA/ANDREA MEROLA
Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the inauguration of the Matteo Ricci reception centre, Rome, February 4, 2019.ANSA/QUIRINALE PRESS OFFICE/FRANCESCO AMMENDOLA
Hayarpi Tamrazyan (right) from Armenia attends a service in the Bethel church in The Hague | Photo: Getty Images/AFP.K.van Weel
People being given church asylum | Imago/C.Mang
Migrants and refugees whose lives are at risk with the arrival of winter cold, trapped in Greece and forced to live in deteriorated conditions due to the EU-Turkey accord.PHOTO/ARCHIVE/OXFAM
Symbols of division, according to the Pew survey
The Easter bunny and painted egg are a common sight around Easter. In supermarkets, you will see chocolate bunnies and eggs everywhere
Baptism for converted Christians in Germany