Refugee children at the reception center in Ter Ael, Netherlands | Photo: Picture-alliancec/Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/dpa
Children's Carnival for Rights, Ius Soli and Citizenship in Naples' Rione Sanita. February 9, 2018 | Photo: ANSA / CIRO FUSCO
Migrants at the police station in Ventimiglia, waiting to receive their residence permit to go to France | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/LUCA ZENNARO
Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese in a recent photo taken in Rome | Photo: Ettore Ferrari /  ANSA
There is no overarching guarantee or law that grants residency when women give birth in a territory other than their own country
The children of migrants in Italy have been demonstrating for years to obtain citizenship in the country they have always called home | Photo: ANSA / Giuseppe Lami
From file: An Iranian couple enjoy the view at Bame Tehran (Roof of Tehran) in the Northern part of Tehran, Iran on May 20, 2019 | Photo: Picture-alliance
A picture of a German passport cover | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/ R. Vennenbernd
Sophie gave birth to her son in a hospital in Göteborg, Sweden, in 2016 | Photo: Pixabay
Migrants protest in Naples, Italy, for faster stay permit procedures | Photo: ANSA/Cesare Abbate
People at a demonstration in Rome, Italy, in November 2017, demanding that anyone born in Italy should be able to get the Italian citizenship | Photo: ANSA/Giuseppe Lami
Pesaro mayor Matteo Ricci conducted a ceremony for 150 locals who had become Italian citizens in 2019 | Photo: Municipality of Pesaro