Ahmed in his element teaching and passing on his skills | Photo: With kind permission of Migrateful
Le Mess Restaurant in Brussels: Ali al-Krizi | Photo: DW/J.Järviniemi
Two participants in the "A-f-Fidarsi" project | Photo: A-f-Fidarsi
Pola Sutryk cooks with some of the members of the international team | Photo: Judit Alonso
Preparing the Syrian dish Kibbeh | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/G.Fischer
People are happy to wait in line to get a taste of 'Mezze' | Photo: Sertan Sanderson
The cooking workshop is helping migrants integrate | Credit: Umbria Integra
Malakeh Jazmati | Photo: Elizabeth Grenier
"I guess the best recipe against the bureaucracy is the Syrian food", Latidal says with a smile
Italians and foreigners at dinner during an event of 'Benvenuti a cena'. | Credit: RomAltruista
Crédit : Afousatou