The shantytown of San Ferdinando in the plane of Gioia Tauro, near Reggio Calabria | Photo: ANSA/ALESSANDRO SGHERRI
Migrants in a CAS reception centre in Italy | Photo: ANSA/Orietta Scardino
Crew members of the P.03 "Denaro" ship of the Italian financial police during the transfer of hundreds of migrants off the coast of Libya |  Photo: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MEO
A protest by migrants from the Cona center (archival picture) | Photo: ANSA/VALERIO MEROLA
Migrants leave the CARA reception centre in Mineo, after the centre was closed | Photo: ANSA/ORIETTA SCARDINO
A queue of African migrants in Mexico | Photo: Reuters/J.Cabezas
Migrants in Calabria | Photo: ANSA/MARCO COSTANTINO
Migrants in Liguria | Photo: ANSA / LUCA ZENNARO
Riace mayor Domenico Lucano in Caulonia Marina after leaving the Locride center, complying with the ban on residency ordered by the appeals court on October 17, 2018 | Photo: ANSA/MARCO COSTANTINO
Domenico 'Mimmo' Lucano | Photo: ANSA/ETTORE FERRARI
An Italian police car | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA
A refugee camp on the island of Chios