Women migrants in Libya report having to barter for food by offering sex | Photo: AP Photo/Yousef Murad
Finance police in Sardinia | Photo: ANSA/Guardia di Finanza
A 19-year old people smuggler (center) was sentenced to seven years in jail on June 27, 2022, following the deaths of two Syria refugees in October 2021 | Photo: Theresa Puchegger/APA/THERESA PUCHEGGER/
A 31-year-old man was detained in front of a shelter in southern Germany late on Sunday, June 27, 2022 | Photo: Tnn/dpa/picture-alliance
233 Iraqi asylum seekers are said to have been exploited by a German man who is being investigated on suspicion of human trafficking in Austria | picture alliance / CHROMORANGE / Weingartner-Foto
From file: A picture of a van similar to those used by the smugglers, released by the UK Home Office | Source: UK Home Office Press Release
Patrol by the Financial Police during an investigation into exploitation of laborers in Italy's Tuscany region | Photo: ANSA/UFFICIO STAMPA GUARDIA DI FINANZA
A screenshot from the NCA video showing the moment when suspect Hewa R was arrested by two police officers in the UK | Source: Screenshot NCA Twitter feed @NCA_UK
Ukrainian refugees welcomed by the civil protection at Milan central station | Photo (from file): ANSA/Paolo Salmoirago
Memorials for the victims of the lorry tragedy were held in Vietnam | Photo: Reuters/Khan
A police operation in a hosting center in Genoa that is part of an investigation on a group that allegedly produced fake documents to obtain or renew stay permits | Photo: ANSA/Luca Zennaro
The former youth hostel in Genoa's Oregina district, which hosts unaccompanied migrant minors, was stormed in the night of February 21, 2022 by a group of 'hooded' youths armed with sticks and stones | Photo: ANSA/LUCA ZENNARO