Photo of Daniel H. among flowers left by mourners | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/S.Kahnert
Ali B., accused of raping and killing a teenage girl | Photo: Getty Images/Pool/R.Wittek
Everyone has a right to appeal against a negative deecision
Operation by the carabinieri in Calabria, March 2019. PHOTO/ANSA
Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/P. Giannakouris
A woman placing a flower at Breitscheidplatz memorial | Photo: Picture.alliance/dpa/B.Pedersen
Migrants protesting for better wages in the province of Foggia, southern Italy| Photo: ANSA/FRANCO CAUTILLO
The Turin police press conference to announce the dismantling of the smuggling of migrants | Photo: ANSA
Migrants sit at the Njila detention center in Tripoli, Libya.Credit: EPA/STR
Berlin Tiergarten | Photo: Picture-alliance/360-Berlin/J.Knappe
A screen grab of a video from the carabinieri shows part of the operation that made it possible to dismantle an association involved in human trafficking and the aiding and abetting of clandestine immigration of minors for prostitution.January 25, 2019. ANSA/ UFFICIO STAMPA
An archive picture of a prostitute apparently waiting for clients by a road in Milan Italy | Photo: Picture Alliance / ROPI