Awet Tesfaiesus moved to Germany as a refugee and is now a lawmaker | Photo: Felix Zahn/photothek/picture-alliance
For 'No U-Turn,' Nigerian filmmaker Ike Nnaebue travels by bus through several countries | Photo: Jide Akinleminu
The cast of the web series "7 rue du rendez-vous" | Photo: Sept Arts et Plus
A border guard patrolling the Greek border | Photo: Giannis Papanikos/AP Photo/picture-alliance
The Film Festival KINO ASYL is curated by young refugees | Image: Courtesy KINO ASYL
The choir members raise their voices to share a message of unity and peaceful coexistence | Copyright: Citizens of the World Choir
Hours of interviews were recorded in the new "Archive of Refuge" in Germany | Photo: HKW
The documentary follows Carmela (right) as she prepares for the Rainbow Choir’s first concert post-lockdown | Source: Screenshot Video report InfoMigrants
The town center of Espelkamp | Photo: Ekaterina Venkina
Alireza and Alibaba Hashimi from Afghanistan in the town of Espelkamp | Photo: Ekaterina Venkina
Zohre Esmaeli | Photo: A. Krizanovic via Deutsche Welle
Saman Haddad: 'Eat together, make music together, dance together. Then integration happens on its own.' | Photo copyright: D. Divinagracia