From file: A group of migrants in Cologne, Germany | Photo: Picture-alliance
 Afghans deported to Bulgaria face deportation to their country of origin | Photo: Pixabay
From file: The aftermath of the devastating fires at the Moria refugee camp in Lesbos in September 2020 | Photo: UNHCR/ACHILLEAS ZAVALLIS
The coronavirus pandemic resulted in a 50% drop in deportations of asylum seekers from Germany | Photo: Michael Trammer
Afghanistan has been ravaged by war and political upheaval | Photo: W. Sarhadi/picture-alliance
Police officers patrol along a steel fence built at Evros River in the area of Feres, at the Greek-Turkish border, Greece, 22 August 2021 | Photo: EPA/DIMITRIS TOSIDIS
As gunmen patrol the streets of Kabul, everyone who's ever lived abroad tries to stay in hiding | Photo: Rahmat Gul/picture alliance
© Wakil Kohsar, AFP | Afghan security personnel inspect the site a day after a car bomb explosion near the wreckage in Kabul on August 4, 2021.
Families displaced from districts where fighting is going on between Afghan security forces and the Taliban wait for relief as they live in temporary shelters in Kandahar, Afghanistan, 27 July 2021 | Photo: M. Sadiq /Archive / EPA
Thousands of Aghans could flee the country if the Taliban takes more provinces
Last month, hundreds of people in Munich demonstrated against deportations to Afghanistan | Photo: Alexander Pohl / NurPhoto / Picture-alliance
Seehofer remains unperturbed, despite the security threat posed by the Taliban | Photo: Michael Sohn / AP Photo / Picture alliance