A deportation flight from Leipzig in July, 2019 | Photo: M. Kappeler/picture-alliance
An Afghan artist standing next to a painting | Photo: Ali Rahimi
A young man in Calais, northern France | Photo: Reuters archive
Germany normally has six months to send an asylum seeker back to the country responsible for processing their asylum claim | Photo: picture alliance/M. Reichel
Migrants enter a camp for refugees on Cyprus | Photo: picture-alliance / AP Photo/ P. Karadijas
Screenshot: Sky News footage of migrants being rescued in the English Channel | Source: Sky News via
From file: Officials escort a failed asylum seeker on a deportation flight from Germany | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/M.Kappeler
A pro-refugee demonstration in Vienna | Photo: DW/K.Traill
Migrants at a military barracks in Blazuj, on the outskirts of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 12 December 2019 | Photo: EPA/FEHIM DEMIR
From file: Preparing for a collective deportation flight can take up several weeks, involving dozens of police officers from beginning to end | COPYRIGHT: picture-alliance/dpa/M. Kappeler
Mauro Palma, Italy's national guarantor for detained people, has confirmed that there has been a coronavirus case at a CPR in  northern Italy | Photo: ANSA/Annalisa Antonucci
Last year there were more than 8,400 Dublin transfers from Germany | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/B.Roessler