The government wants to increase deportations - but the backlog is long | Photo: Daniel Kuburski/picture-alliance
The Mesnil-Amelot migrant detention center, near Paris. Photo : Maëva Poulet / InfoMigrants
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in front of his residence at 10 Downing Street | Photo: EPA/Tolga Akmen
An Afghan woman carries her child at the Toza Lokay refugee camp on the Tajik-Afgan border, some 250 km south from Dushanbe | Photo: Dmitry Khrupov/ARCHIVE/EPA/ANSA
From file: Deportation flight from Germany | Photo: B. Roessler/dpa/picture-alliance
From file: There are more than 20,000 deportations from Germany a year on average (pre-pandemic), with the majority taking place under the EU's Dublin Regulation | Photo: D. Maurer/dpa/picture-alliance
Screenshot from a Twitter video showing Danish authorities conducting an forced deportation at the Avnstrup asylum center on March 29 | Source:
Eric Zemmour has an enthusiastic following for his anti-immigration platform | Photo: Rafael Yaghobzadeh/AP
The Feuillasse collective accommodation center for asylum seekers near the Swiss city of Geneva | Photo: Sergei Bobylev/TASS/picture alliance
The border between the northern and southern parts of Cyprus is under UN control, limiting the extent of Cyprus' control on its own borders | Photo: Picture alliance/ASSOCIATED PRESS/Petros Karadjias
Sit-in protest by a group of Tunisians who landed in Lampedusa | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/ELIO DESIDERIO
Afghan families trying to get inside Hamid Karzai international airport on August 16, 2021 | Photo: Reuters