detention camps

Libyan authorities in Tripoli detain hundreds of people suspected of trying to reach Europe illegally. Photo: EPA/STR
Migrants hold placards during United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' visit to Ain Zara detention  centre for migrants in the Libyan capital Tripoli | Photo: Getty Images/AFP/M.Turkla
Inside the Zintan migrant detention centre in Libya, in March, 2019. Photo: DR
Picture shows an immigrant at a temporary shelter in Lampedusa, Italy. | Photo: Archive / ANSA / Ettore Ferrari
A migrant held in the Zintan center. Photo: DR
A protest on Lampedusa with Don Carmelo La Magra, a priest on the island. March 19, 2019 | ANSA
Migrants in a detention center in Libya | EPA/STR
A detention center in Tripoli | Photo: Imago/Florian Gaertner
A picture of a so-called Zapi or waiting zone, near the Paris airport Charles De Gaulle,  where migrants are held for short periods of time. | Photo: InfoMigrants
A migrant looks out as they approach port, from the deck of the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms rescue vessel | Photo: Picture-alliance/O.Calvo
Fayez al-Sarraj met leaders from France, Germany, Italy and Spain in 2017 - they promised to support Libya and other African countries to stop irregular migration | Photo: Imago
Migrants at the Njila detention center near the airport in Tripoli | EPA/STR