A picture taken during a operation transferring vulnerable Ukrainian children and families from the Polish border to Italy | Photo: ANSA/Save the Children
On 24 March 2022 in Moldova, children play and draw at the "Blue Dot" centre in the Moldexpo centre for refugees | Photo: ANSA/US UNICEF
Ukrainian refugee Oxana with her disabled daughter on April 14, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/ RETE ANAS SOCCORSO SARDEGNA
Victoria and her daughter Sofia hope to return to Ukraine after the war | Photo: Manuel Orbegozo / DW
Hawa Selim and her 23-year-old son, Al-Rasheed Daoud in Tripoli | Photo: ANSA
Syrian asylum seeker Mheddin Saho hopes that his three-year battle to stay in Germany will soon be over | Photo: From Saho's Facebook page, with permission
Munzir al-Nazzal and son Mustafa arrive in Rome to start a new life | Photo: ANSA / Telenews
InfoMigrants met Anthony in Eisenhüttenstadt at the end of November 2021 | Photo: Marion MacGregor
Eyes on the prize: Para-canoeist Anas Al Khalifa will represent the refugee team in Tokyo | Photo: Getty (via DW)
Source: DW
The six-person Refugee Team led the opening ceremony at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics | Photo: Marcus Brandt/dpa/picture-alliance
The six members of the Tokyo 2020 Refugee Paralympic Team | Photo: getty/UNHCR/IPC