displaced ukrainians

From file: Ukrainian refugees get on a bus in Poland days after the Russian invasion | Photo: Kunihiko Miura / Picture Alliance / Associated Press / The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images
Ukrainian refugees taking part in a Czech language course in Prague | Photo: Archiv Luboš Palata
Refugee families in the UK fear homelessness as they come up against challenges finding suitable private rental accommodation | Photo: Daniel Kalker/picture-alliance
The Ukrainian Aid Association in Aachen also organizes gatherings and events, such as this march held in commemoration of the first anniversary of the war | Photo: Facebook
Far away from Bucha, Oleksandra and her son want to start over in Germany | Photo: Marco Wolter
A man reacts after a new 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Hatay, Turkey, 20 February 2023 | Photo: EPA/ERDEM SAHIN
Ukrainian refugees in France: Schoolchildren in exile, one year on
Ukrainian refugees in France adapt to new life through gymnastics
Ukrainian refugees have fled war in their country only to be often targeted by disinformation  | Photo: Ole Spata/picture-alliance
The Irish government has run out of asylum seeker accommodation and has been using hotels and even tents to cope with the growing numbers arriving in the country | Photo: picture alliance/empics/N. Carson
Portraits of Ukrainian refugees in Riga | Photos: Martin Thaulow
From file: Reception point for refugees from Ukraine organized in a sports hall gymnasium in Wroclaw, Poland March 16, 2022 | Photo: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire/Krzysztof Kaniewski