Sissoko, Paris, February 12, 2019 | Photo: InfoMigrants
A handout photo made available by Sea-Eye shows crew members of the private rescue ship Professor Albrecht Penck watching a group of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Credit: EPA/ALEXANDER DRAHEIM / SEA-EYE HANDOUT
The "Aquarius" became subject to a diplomatic row in 2018 | Credit: Getty
At the center of the artwork: the watery grave of the Mediterranean, where thousands of migrants have drowned | Credit: DW/W. Dick
Thousands of people die at sea each year trying to cross the Mediterranean / Credit: picture alliance/AP Photo/E. Morenatti
A coast guard helicopter searches for missing survivors of Wednesday's shipwreck off the coast of northern Cyprus
With deaths at sea being the main cause of death for refugees, EU countries are trying to find viable solutions to securing their borders
Members of Libyan Red Crescent recover the bodies of migrants off the Libyan coat | Credit: EPA? Stringer
Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/K.Nietfeld
Crossing the Mediterranean has cost thousands of lives | Credit: DW