From file: Rescue efforts continue in the Turkish city of Diyarbakir on February 8, 2023 | Photo: Sertac Kayar/Reuters
Turkey hosts the highest population of refugees in the world, but some who fled the war in Syria are now returning after the devastating earthquake - perhaps for good | Photo: picture-alliance/Pacific Press/Donna Bozzi
Destruction following the earthquake in Syria, February, 2023 | Photo: DW | Omar Albam (DW correspondent)
At least 1,500 bodies have been repatriated through the Bab al-Hawa border crossing since February 6 | Photo : InfoMigrants.
The city of Antakya in the Hatay province was struck particularly hard | Photo: Hussein Malla / AP Photo / picture alliance
Muhammad, 26, at the Bab al-Hawa border post on the border with Syria and Turkey. Photo: InfoMigrants/Dana Alboz
Devastation after the earthquake in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, February 10, 2023 | Photo: Reuters
some of 27 migrants rescued by a greek tanker and disembarked from a vessel of Hellenic Coast Guard in the port of Kardamena, Kos Island, Dodecanese, Greece, 10 August 2022 | Photo: EPA/HELLENIC COAST GUARD
From file: Syrian refugees on the border between Turkey and Syria | Photo: Imago/Zuma
Mustapha poses in front of the building where he lived with his parents, in downtown Antakya | Photo: Infomigrants
The search for survivors continues following the earthquake in Hatay, Turkey, February 7, 2023 | Photo: Reuters/Umit Bektas
A scene of devastation after the earthquake in Osmaniye, Turkey, February 6, 2023 | Photo: Reuters/Dilara Senkaya