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Emmanuel Macron and Valérie Pécresse share the electorate of the center-right and right | Photo: Reuters
Ties between France the the UK are tense after the UK blamed France for the drowning deaths of 27 people in the Channel | Photo: Henry Nicholls/Reuters
Macron urges British PM not to politicise deadly migrant boat tragedy in Channel
Desperate Afghans attempt to enter the barricaded airport in Kabul, August 17 2021. Photo: Reuters
Police officers of European Border and Coast Guard on duty at a check point at the Bulgarian-Turkish borders | Photo: EPA/ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU
Macron (right) with a police technician during a drone demonstration | Photo: Guillaume Horcajuelo/REUTERS
French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe present France’s new policies at a press conference in Paris, on November 6, 2019 | Photo: REUTERS
Discussing immigration quotas should not be 'taboo', the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in a special debate on immigration in the National Assembly, October 7, 2019 | Photo: picture alliance/T. Camus
AFP | Rescued migrants on the 'Ocean Viking' rescue ship, August 13, 2019
Migrants and police at the border between France and Italy in Claviere | Credit: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO
Migrants on the German Lifeline ship | Credit: Hermine Poschmann/Misson-Lifeline/Handout via REUTERS
French President Emmanuel Macron (l) meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (r) in Paris.