More than 500 police officers took part in the coordinated raids | Photo: Imago
The Conservative Home Secretary Priti Patel is promising to bring in a points-based immigration system but offers fast-track visas for migrant health workers wanting to work in the UK if her party wins the elections in December 2019 | Photo: Imago
Woman working in an office in Berlin | Photo: Imago Images/Westend61
A group of Tunisian students enrolled in the IOM program | Photo: IOM
Every day, Abdul Manaf sets out on his electric bike to deliver food in and around Metz | Photo: Abdul Manaf Zahid
Abdelhaq is an apprentice beekeeper (l.). He stands alongside a fellow pupil and their teacher, Ibrahim Karout, himself a refugee from Syria | Photo: Anne-Diandra Louarn / InfoMigrants
Over 350 participants attended the first job fair for returned migrants in Cote d'Ivoire | Photo: IOM/Mohamed Diabate
Too many migrants work in low-level jobs, the Integration Commissioner says
Police involved in an operation against illegal labor | Photo: ANSA/Polizia
Syrian refugees set up the Jeenda Sweet Factory in Domiz Camp, northern Iraq | Photo: IOM, 2017
Illegal work can be dangerous in many ways | Photo: Imago/Thomas Imo
Migrants leave the CARA reception centre in Mineo, after the centre was closed | Photo: ANSA/ORIETTA SCARDINO