european union

Italy's Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani with his Slovenian counterpart Tanja Fajonduring in Ljubljana | Photo: ARCHIVE ANSA / CLAUDIO PERI
Protecting the EU's border – like here between Greece and Turkey – is controversial | Photo: Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto/picture alliance
Italian President Sergio Mattarella | Photo: ANSA / UFFICIO STAMPA QUIRINALE / PAOLO GIANDOTTI
EU countries like Greece want fewer asylum seekers. Not many people are left at the Mavrovouni Reception and Identification Center on Lesbos | Photo: EUAA/
A view of the "Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens" where the second European Conference on Border Management will take place on February 23-24, 2023 | Photo: ANSA
At least five migrants have died on the forested border between Poland and Belarus this year | Photo: Kacper Pempel/REUTERS
People disembark from an Italian Coast Guard ship after it docked with 200 migrants onboard at the port of Pozzallo, Sicily island, southern Italy, 06 February 2023 | Photo: ANSA / FRANCESCO RUTA
Barbed wire barrier at Veliki Ormoz village, at the border between Slovenia and Croatia | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/ANTONIO BAT
European Commision President Ursula von der Leyen was pleased with the progress made | Photo: AP Photo/GeertVandenWijngaer)
NGO-run boats rescuing migrants at sea are facing tougher rules in Italy | Photo: Olmo Calvo/AP/dpa/picture alliance
From file: Bulgaria wants to reinforce the fence on the border with Turkey, to prevent irregular migrants from entering | Photo: EPA/Vassil Donev
Tunisian men carry a coffin with the mortal remains of a relative as the bodies of more than 50 migrants who drowned in the Mediterranean arrived in Sfax | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/STR