Migrant farm workers protest during a demonstration in Piazza Montecitorio, Rome | Photo: Massimo Percossi/ANSA
Farmworkers in Calabria, Italy | Photo: ANSA/Quotidiano Del Sud
Migrant workers from the Megamark group Trani as they pick tomatoes in Foggia | Photo: Franco Cautillo / Archive / ANSA
Inside the Grafica Veneta warehouse | Source: Grafica Veneta Facebook page via ANSA
Migrant farmworkers in the Italian region of Calabria | Photo: ANSA/Quotidiano Del Sud
An Uber rider checks his smartphone, Milan, February 24, 2021 | Photo: ANSA / DANIEL DAL ZENNARO
A migrant ship rescued by finance police in Reggio Calabria | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA
Migrant laborers in Italy have regularly held protests demanding better conditions | Photo: picture alliance
An anti-gangmastering help desk operator at work | Source: Migrant Integration website via ANSA
The waiting area in the Milan criminal court | Photo: ANSA/Stefano Porta
Carabinieri police operation in Foggia | Photo: ANSA/Ufficio stampa Carabinieri
An Italian finance police patrol during an operation in Florence | Photo: ANSA/Finance Police