The idea of the regulation is to provide more legal certainty - not only to asylum seekers but also to the companies and organizations that provide them with vocational training
If your asylum decision is negative, you lose your right to stay in Germany and may be forced to return to you country
Migrants along Bosnian-Croatian border face stand-off with Croatian police
Instances of extreme abuse and exploitation in Libya are widely documented
The new decree is called the 'Salvini decree'
The test determines whether a person has the expertise and practical skills for a particular trade or job
Many migrants fail to realize that embarking on a journey to Europe via Libya is extremely dangerous
In the future, EASO could assist EU member states with speeding up the processing of asylum applications
It’s important for you to know: BAMF migration officials never conduct home visits.
Church asylum usually only applies to asylum seekers who are threatened with some form of deportation to inhumane living conditions, including torture or even death.
The Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act determines social and medical entitlements for asylum seekers in Germany.
Applicants must present an employment contract or a binding job offer in the country where they are applying