fake news

The woman in the video later retracted her claims in a second video and apologized | Source: twitter.com screenshot
71-year-old conservative politician Horst Seehofer has been Germany's federal interior minister since March 2018 | Photo: B. Riegert/DW
The fake Ofii Facebook page looks like this | Source: Facebook Screenshot
Some rumors say that eating garlic helps to fight the coronavirus
Still taken from a video shared on Twitter purportedly showing Greek rights violations against migrants at the Greece-Turkey border, March 2020
'Some people have food three or four times and some not even once', Samiullah says. He lives in a tent outside the overcrowded Moria refugee camp
Many rumors about Syrian refugees have been circulating in Turkish society recently
Unicef Generation event in Rome | Photo: ANSA/Unicef
The logo of Dossier Libia | Photo: Dossier Libia
Credit: Teyit
Fake news and right-wing extremists work hand-in-hand
November 16, 2017