family reunification

Passing a German language test is required to qualify for a spousal family reunification visa in Germany | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/B.Wüstneck
From file: Eritrean youths in Tunisia who left Eritrea in 2018, the year Yonas finally arrived in the UK via a similar route | Tarek Guizani / InfoMigrants
The situation in Sudan right now is 'unimaginably dangerous,' especially for unaccompanied child refugees, thinks Nick Beales at the UK charity RAMFEL | Photo: Zohra Bensemra / Reuters
From file: The Isment camp in the Afrin district of Aleppo, where, prior to the earthquake in February, hundreds of Syrians lived in tents and briquette houses in and around an old cement factory | Photo: picture alliance / Esra Hacioglu Karakaya / Anadolu Agency
Marriage conventions vary greatly between cultures, and are posing difficulties for German courts when dealing with asylum seekers | Photo: Uli Decker/dpa/picture-alliance
Moro and Lina got married in Senegal | Photo: private
The Netherland's highest administrative court in the country ruled against restrictions on family reunifications on February 8, 2023. This picture shows Chairman Bart Jan Ettekoven before the ruling in the case. | Photo: Imago/ANP
From file: People under subsidiary protection have had to wait for family reunifications to be allowed | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/S. Pförtner
Young asylum seeker in Ter Apel, Netherlands | Photo: Petra Katanic/Copyright: De Vrolijkheid
From file: Syrians, the main recipients of subsidiary protection in Germany, often face long waits to bring family members living in refugee camps | Photo: EPA/Andre Pain
From file: Decisions handed down by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg are considered to be binding | Photo: P. Scheiber/imago
Afghan refugees show their registration cards to renew their Proof of Registration (POR) cards in Peshawar, Pakistan on September 30, 2021 | Photo: Arshad Arbab/EPA