Aboubakar Soumahoro says he wants to shake up the system | Photo: Twitter screenshot / Aboubakar Soumahoro @aboubakar_soum
Police gathering evidence after a fire that destroyed a shack and killed a person in Borgo Mezzanone, near Foggia, Italy, June 12, 2020 | Photo: ANSA
Cosenza finance police during the operation that led to the arrest of a gang accused of exploiting immigrants | Photo: Police/ANSA
Migrant farmworkers protest for better conditions in Puglia, Italy (archival picture) | Photo: ANSA/Franco Cautillo
A person harvesting tomatoes between Lesina and San Nazario, southern Italy, on May 7, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/Franco Cautillo
Migrants in Naples taking part in a farm workers strike, May 21, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/CESARE ABBATE
A migrant employed as an agricultural worker in the countryside near Foggia in Italy's Puglia region | Photo: ANSA/FRANCO CAUTILLO
Polish workers in a German strawberry patch | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/N.Bachmann
Refugees and people in precarious situations work in Bordeaux vineyards, in May, 2020 | Photo: Ovale Citoyen
The Italian minister for agricultural policies and tourism, Teresa Bellanova | Photo: ANSA/GIUSEPPE LAMI
A screen grab of a video provided by the carabinieri for the operation in which three Foggia entrepreneurs were arrested for labor exploitation | Photo: ANSA/UFFICIO STAMPA/CARABINIERI
An evacuation operation at the San Ferdinando shanty town, in the province of Reggio Calabria,  March 6, 2019 | Photo: ANSA/MARCO COSTANTINO