A woman working in a field in Italy | Photo: ANSA/Oxfam
Carabinieri carrying out checks on a field employing migrants in northern Italy | Photo: ARCHIVE/CREDIT/CARABINIERI PRESS OFFICE
Carabinieri police during the operation against the two companies | Photo: ARCHIVIO/ANSA
From archive: Migrants picking oranges in Italy | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa
Viterbo Carabinieri police during an operation against illegal gangmastering, known in Italian as 'caporalato' | Photo: ANSA/Carbinieri
The city of Matera | Photo: ANSA/Franco Martina
Italian minister for agriculture Teresa Bellanova in Foggia for a march by the organization Libera against criminality that exploits migrants, on January 10, 2020 | Photo: ANSA
The shantytown of San Ferdinando in the plane of Gioia Tauro, near Reggio Calabria | Photo: ANSA/ALESSANDRO SGHERRI
A demonstration by migrant farmworkers that started in San Severo and went to Foggia, protesting against labor exploitation in agriculture | Photo: ANSA/Franco Cautillo
Farmworkers | Photo: ANSA/QUOTIDIANO DEL SUD
An Italian police vehicle | Photo: PRESS OFFICE
Policemen showing the arms confiscated from the 35-year-old farm owner | Photo: UFFICIO STAMPA/POLIZIA DI STATO