After he returned home from Spain in 2014, Issa started an agricultural business that now has about 15 employees | Photo: Leslie Carretero
Mamadou Barry Diallo (right) was born in Dara in 1949. For years, he’s witnessed the youth departures from Dara | Photo: Julia Dumont
A tent camp for migrants at Masseria Boncuri, in Nardò (Lecce), where migrants work in the fields. | PHOTO/ARCHIVE/CLAUDIO LONGO
The Salerno Carabinieri police | ANSA
A former migrant with sheep | Credit: IOM/Alexander Bee
Radia* in her house in southern Spain | Credit: Ismail Azzam
Fruits and vegetables at a market. Strawberries' harvest is where most Moroccan women will be employed in Spain | Photo: ANSA / MICHEL GUNTHER-WWF
Credit: ANSA/Franco Cautillo
A migrant worker harvests tomatoes in Campania, Italy. Credit: CIRO FUSCO/ANSA
Kitchen gardens offers an alternative to coffee production in Kenya