Ukraine war: Indian volunteers rally to help refugees at Polish border | Source: Screenshot video report DW
Chef Shapoor Safari and staff at the multiethnic Palermo restaurant Moltivolti, Palermo, November 11, 2021 | Photo: ANSA / Kindly provided by Moltivolti restaurant
Some foreigners at the restaurant "Altrove" in Rome, a project of Onlus Cies, created to give employment opportunities to Italian and foreign youths in the restaurant business | Photo: ANSA
Thousands of Eritrean refugees face hunger as supply trucks are unable to enter Tigray | Photo: Eduardo Soteras/AFP/Getty Images (via DW)
About 300 migrants have been sleeping in the Villemin Garden in Paris since May 30. Credit: Solidarity Migrants Wilson
A food distribution in northern Paris | Photo: InfoMigrants
The former « Jungle » migrant camp in Calais. Photo: Mehdi Chebil/ InfoMigrants
A young asylum seeker in Ter Apel, Netherlands | Photo: Petra Katanic/Copyright: De Vrolijkheid
Screenshot from video report: Mohammad Al-Masri, Syrian refugee in Germany | Source: InfoMigrants
Damascus' Aroma Restaurant in Schöneberg, Berlin | Photo: DW/B.Knight
Zaatari camp is home to some 76,000 Syrian refugees, as well as an innovative vegetable garden
Syrian refugee Salah Dahhan prepares Arab food at Berlin eatery "Refueat" | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/picture alliance/Britta Pedersen