free healthcare

A child being vaccinated by a pediatrician | Photo: Archive/ANSA/Valdrin Xhemaj
A carer and a patient in an elderly care center | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/O.Berg
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Baobab Experience association with Casetta Rossa in the Garbatella district of Rome organize to bring meals, groceries and basic necessities for migrants | Photo: Picture-alliance/Pacific Press
Musa Deli directs the Gesundheitszentrum für Migrantinnen und Migranten (GfM) in Cologne | Photo: Emma Wallis / InfoMigrants
The NHS provides some services free of charge to undocumented migrants but since 2017 a charging regime has been in place, expecting those who do not have permament leave to remain to pay up front or directly after treatment | Photo: Imago / Zuma/ Joel Goodman
The presentation of the app in Ancona, Italy | Photo: ANSA
Condoms given out for free by the German Aids Service Organization | Photo: Deutsche Aidshilfe/Renata Chueire
From file: Migrants rescued at sea arrive at the port of Malaga in Southern Spain - credit: EPA/Carlos Diaz
Migrants from the sub-Saharan region who were rescued off the Spanish coast | Credit: EPA/Miguel Paquet
The Naples town council oversaw the creation of the memorandum of understanding | Credit: ANSA