hate crime

The murder of the 8-year-old boy in Frankfurt has led to an outpouring of sympathy — and anger | COPYRIGHT: Imago Images/epd/H. Lyding
The logo of "Map of Intolerance" | Credit: ANSA/Map of Intolerance
Logo for the #chooserespect campaign | Souce: Twitter @chooserespectEU
Many migrants die in the desert after being deported there by Algerian authorities | PHOTO: picture-alliance/AP Photo/J. Delay
Buses near the Termini train station in Rome | Photo: ANSA/ANGELO CARCONI
Migrants marching towards the border between Serbia and Croatia. Credit: EPA/KOCA SULEJMANOVIC
Police headquarters in Genoa | Credit: ANSA/ LUCA ZENNARO
Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/L.Schulze
Daisy Osakue, an Italian athlete of Nigerian origins who was attacked in Moncalieri. PHOTO/ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO
Europe has been grappling with rising anti-Semitism
Anti-refugee speak on Facebook (Screenshot of AFD homepage)