Locals in northern Italy collected money so that terminal cancer patient John 
(on the right) could see his father in Ghana again | Photo: Gian Mario Cotti on Facebook
A group discussion with community leaders and representatives of migrant populations of Caritas Casablanca in the offices of IOM Morocco | Photo: IOM Morocco
From file: Migrants and refugees face additional hurdles when navigating the health system in comparison to local population | Photo: Picture-alliance/abaca/lpa/C.Carlo
Germany has about 1.7 million vacancies and is looking to migrant workers to fill some of those jobs  | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/C. Schmidt
A Somali refugee stands in the lobby at the Hotel de l'Europe where she is confined with her family due to the coronavirus outbreak, in Saint Nazaire, France, 25 March 2020 | Photo: EPA/THIBAULT VANDERMERSCH
Feras Alghadban, a Syrian doctor, writes a medical prescription after examining a patient in Lebanon |Photo: REUTERS/Issam Abdallah
Living rough in a tunnel in the north of Paris, 2021: Photo: InfoMigrants
Many of the people who are still stuck in Ukraine are witnessing war atrocities | Photo: picture-alliance/AP
Victor receiving care for TB at Tripoli Hospital in Libya | Photo: ANSA / Stringer
A doctor gives first aid to an injured child at a migrant camp in the village of Idomeni, Greece | Photo: EPA/Nikos Arvanitidis
A protest by immigrants in Castel Volturno for better working conditions | Photo: Cesare Abbiate / Archive / ANSA
From file: Mosney Direct Provision Center, County Meath, Ireland | Photo: picture alliance/empics/N. Carson