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The inauguration ceremony for the academic year at the University of Bologna. Credit: ANSA/GIORGIO BENVENUTI
Academics lay down their gowns during a protest against the dismissal of academics from universities following a post-coup emergency decree, at the Cebeci campus of Ankara University in Ankara, Turkey. February 10 2017 | Photo: Imago / Depo Photos
Photo: ANSA
Students taking the entrance test for the medicine faculty of the Luigi Einaudi University in Turin. Credit: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO
Palestinian students celebrate during their graduation ceremony at al-Najah University in the West Bank city of Nablus, 05 June 2008. Credit: EPA/ALAA BADARNEH
Credit: Colourbox/Pressmaster
La Sapienza University in Rome Photo: ANSA
For many young Syrians in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt, further education is a key to the future
Anwar, originally from Syria, is now continuing her studies in Oslo, Norway
Italian actor Lino Guanciale with two refugee children in Rome | Credit: ANSA
Amran's story: a Libyan refugee in Serbia
many young people dream of getting a university education